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The Hidden Cost of Dropped Sessions in Warehouses

The Hidden Cost of Dropped Sessions in Warehouses

The Hidden Cost of Dropped Sessions in Warehouses

A recent report by terminal emulation solutions provider StayLinked, exclusively shared with Logistics Manager, unveils a staggering hidden cost for warehouses: dropped sessions. These interruptions, which occur when a worker's mobile device loses connection with the warehouse management system (WMS), are costing the average warehouse over £160,000 annually.

The Scope of the Problem

Conducted by The Essential Agency in March 2024, the research surveyed warehouse staff from the US, Canada, and the UK. It found that over 30% of workers experience a dropped session at least once per hour. Each of these interruptions leads to an average of 50 minutes of lost productivity per day, costing £13.02 per worker daily. For a warehouse employing 50 workers, this amounts to £650.91 per day and £162,727.61 per year.

Understanding the Impact

Griffith elaborated on the prevalence of terminal emulation in warehouse operations, noting that between 60% and 80% of warehouse workers use this technology. Despite some industries moving away from it, many sectors like manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing remain heavily reliant on terminal emulation. A dropped session can disrupt operations significantly, especially during large pick operations, leading to wasted time and potential rework.

Awareness and Misconceptions

The report highlights a significant lack of awareness regarding the causes and impact of dropped sessions. Many workers mistakenly attribute these issues to hardware failures. Among those surveyed, 47% blamed their devices for lost productivity, while 24% believed their managers would opt for a tech refresh to solve the problem. Furthermore, 29% of workers felt that management viewed dropped sessions as minor interruptions, and 17% feared being blamed for these issues.

The consequences of dropped sessions extend beyond productivity. Data loss is a significant risk, potentially affecting both individual workers and the overall business. Additionally, the frustration caused by frequent interruptions can negatively impact staff morale, which is crucial in an industry already facing labor shortages.

Unique Challenges in Certain Environments

Maintaining connectivity can be particularly challenging in certain logistics environments, such as ports and container ships. The remote nature and limited technological infrastructure in these areas exacerbate connectivity issues, making it even more difficult to maintain stable connections.


Dropped sessions are a pervasive issue in the logistics industry, costing warehouses significant amounts in lost productivity and affecting employee morale. Addressing this problem requires a deeper understanding of the underlying technology and greater awareness among both workers and management. By mitigating dropped sessions, warehouses can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall workforce satisfaction.

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