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DoorDash and Wing Introduce Wendy’s Drone Delivery Pilot in Virginia

DoorDash and Wing Introduce Wendy’s Drone Delivery Pilot in Virginia

DoorDash and Wing Drone Delivery

In an exciting development for food delivery enthusiasts, DoorDash and Wing have launched a new drone delivery pilot in Christiansburg, Virginia. This innovative service will enable select local customers to order from Wendy’s and have their meals delivered by drone.

Harrison Shih, senior director of DoorDash Labs, expressed the company's enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Wing in the US to incorporate drone delivery into DoorDash’s service offerings. At DoorDash, our goal is to revolutionize last-mile logistics with a versatile delivery platform that caters to all marketplace participants. We believe drone delivery will enhance our platform by providing more efficient, sustainable, and convenient delivery options for our users.”

Building on Success from Down Under

This US pilot follows a successful drone delivery program launched by DoorDash and Wing in Queensland, Australia, in 2022. The Australian initiative has since grown to include three locations, serving products from over 60 merchants. Cosimo Leipold, head of partnerships at Wing, commented on the expansion: “The success of our collaboration in Australia, where Wing has delivered to tens of thousands of customers via the DoorDash app for more than a year, has directly led to our expansion into the US. Wing has completed over 350,000 deliveries across three countries. Our focus remains on providing a fast, affordable, and safe service to our partners, enhancing their ability to serve customers.”

Fast, Sustainable, and Convenient

To participate in the pilot, eligible customers can choose the drone delivery option in the DoorDash app. Orders are typically delivered by a Wing drone within 30 minutes, offering a quick and eco-friendly solution for short-distance deliveries. DoorDash aims for this partnership to create a sustainable delivery option for small orders and potentially increase overall order volumes on its platform.

A New Era of Last-Mile Delivery

The launch of this drone delivery service marks a significant step forward in last-mile logistics. DoorDash and Wing are pioneering new methods to deliver food and other goods efficiently. This initiative promises not only to enhance customer satisfaction with faster deliveries but also to pave the way for broader adoption of drone technology in logistics.

As DoorDash and Wing continue to innovate, they are set to redefine the future of delivery services, making them more efficient, sustainable, and customer-friendly. Keep an eye out for drones buzzing through the skies, bringing your favorite meals directly to your doorstep!

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